My husband Robin is a third-generation pilot.  His mother, Amelia Reid, has been called California's first lady of aviation.  His father Bobby Reid Jr. was a cropduster and airshow pilot.  His grandfather  "Pop" Reid was a pilot and one of the founders of Reid-Hillvew Airport in San Jose, CA.  It's said that a character in Richard Bach's book "Biplane" was drawn from him.  Pop's brother Cecil was the airport manager, and many of these two brothers' descendants are pilots.  We are the custodians of two family biplanes, a 1929 Fairchild KR-21 that belonged to Bobby and a 1929 Fairchild KR-34 that belonged to Pop, recently restored by cousin Greg Reid.

My own uncle Clarence Phillips was a pilot in WWII, and some time afterwards.  My grandfather was an aircraft mechanic during WWII, but on the other side.  I was also fortunate to have a WASP as a neighbor growing up.
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