Nippon-go in Oakland
Book Translations

These books are available for purchase as printouts or PDF documents. Contact me if you're interested.

Masaaki Iinuma and the Flight of the Kamikaze the record-breaking flight of Iinuma and his engineer from Tokyo to London in 1937 - Japanese superstar who dies in the opening days of WWII

Around the World in Nippon-go the first Pacific crossing by the Japanese, continuing on across the US, South America, Europe and South Asia in 1939 - talk about bad timing.

Le Raid Merveilleux:  Paris-Tokyo by Airplane the daring flight by French WWI pilot Georges Pelletier Doisy and his engineer in a Breguet biplane through India and China to Japan in 1924, overcoming nearly impossible setbacks

Coming next:  The 1925 Japanese flight of two open-cockpit biplanes through Siberia to London and Rome...something about vodka hangovers...

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